The Treadmill. Once you get moving on one it’s hard to stop. You know what I mean. That daily routine you repeat day after day. Not that it’s a bad routine; but it may not be a necessarily good way to live, day after day after day.

Some of us come to hate our jobs, our family life, even our own lives. We just get bored with the same ol’ same ol’. Frustrated! Isn’t life supposed to be more than this?!?

well, yes.

But how to make it more is the trick. Here are some ideas that have worked for me—

  1. Sleep! Start your day the night before. Then get up at the same time every day. (Except on vacation.)
  2. Breathe in…, breathe out. Start your day with stretching, breathing exercises, even walking a mile.
  3. Drink lots of coffee. It has produced great energy in laboratory rats before it killed them.
  4. Quiet your soul in prayer; 5+ minutes at least.
  5. Listen to heart-thumping, heavy base music on your way to work. Classical music (which I love) just doesn’t get me pumped for what lies ahead.
  6. Drink apricot-mango juice. It will clear the crap out quite well.
  7. Process work frustrations with a friend, not your partner. Show up at home ready to serve.
  8. Sell the kids if you have them…, or at least get a baby sitter so you can have one night OUT a week. AND, one Saturday a month, escape your present environment. Go…, anywhere. Just leave, with or without the kids.
  9. Drink tea…, and carry on. Or, for some of us, a good dram of single malt scotch. Jus’ sayin’.
  10. Before you go to bed that night, say you are sorry for whatever you did today to wound another person. And mean it. Call them from bed if you have to. You want to start tomorrow with a clean slate.

I realize these ideas will not work for everyone. Sometimes they don’t even work for me. But if you want your life to have a little more oomph, a little more pizzazz to it, YOU have to make it happen. No one else will.

Back to the Treadmill…, with more gusto, less crap!

For what it’s worth,


daily duty

We are busy beyond belief. Between work, extra work, after work meetings, taking work home, it just feels never ending. Add to that the daily chauffeuring of the kids to this sport or that activity, preparing meals, cleaning, cleaning again, laundry, keeping the car(s) in working order, constantly paying bills and it gets overwhelming after a while. Nonetheless, there are some things which have to be attended to on a daily or weekly basis which no one else can do but YOU. Congratulations! You are just like the majority of the human race. You have responsibilities.

It could be worse: you could have nothing to do; just sit around and while away your millions on this, that, or the other thing. So fulfilling!?! Maybe you could become a philanthropist, investing in the future of our nation’s prodigies. Or curb the plight of the world’s hungry.

For the rest of us, we have to work, and work hard, if we’re to make a living. The trick is to find a way of enjoying what we’re doing. Whether manual laborer or corporate executive, the work is hard, and it is not going to get any easier; that’s our culture. So finding a way to make our daily duties more pleasurable is extremely vital.

Some ideas—

1.      If your job is tedious, boring and monotonous (been there, done that), find an avocation that lights you up! Like sky-diving, or roller derby, or hiking…, even reading. Or try the theatre—you, an actor!

2.      If your job demands extra energy from you, consider a separation on a weekly basis— a massage, a bike ride, an evening with friends who are similarly exhausted. S-e-p-a-r-a-t-e!

3.      Maybe you are in a start-up venture, or in middle management. Either way the buck stops with you and you’ll get it from both ends, top & bottom. Get used to it. There will ALWAYS be too much work to get done. Oddly, walk away…, or you will succumb to the depression of being married to your work.

4.      Delegate— especially laundry, dishes, and car washes. AND form a team of fellows at work who will help you divvy up the tasks to accomplish them more efficiently.

5.      Finally, (and I am sure there are many more ideas out there), please remember that you cannot get it all done in one 26 hour day. Utilize every resource you have, trust people and let go. If you don’t, your daily duties will bring about your demise.

Turning out the light now,