About Dr. Gary Davis

Gary Davis

Dr. Gary Davis and his wife, Starr (actually, a dangerous woman), have been married for 45 years. They have two grown children, Joshua and Bethany, who have long since flown the coop. Gary has a slew of academic degrees (five, so far), but his passion is loving people wherever they are in their journey and helping them create their future.

Starr and Gary live in Colorado Springs CO, he usually travel around the globe but now he simply sends his ideas through cyberspace instead, While Starr enjoys tending the garden, shoveling the snow, and taking care of the many people who find their way to our door.

In his discretionary time he enjoys photography, hiking through mountains, and ogling exotic wrist watches. He also enjoys refined single-malt Scotch whiskies…, and, oh, also Volvos. (He bought his first one in 1961.)

He pleads guilty to being a genuine Christian who has little patience with Christianeze and the plastic façade of many church-goers. He insists that the Christian faith be expressed in the idioms and formats of the surrounding-culture, no matter what or where that may be.

He neither judges nor holds stereotypical opinions of people who adhere to other life philosophies or faiths.  He journeys alongside them as a fellow traveler seeking God, justice, mercy, and Truth. He believes he has found all four.

One thought on “About Dr. Gary Davis

  1. Hi Gary! I ran into you at the Mennonite store today.. I thought your website was Need Ink- thus my question about a tattoo resource.
    Didn’t realize that I had run into THE Volvo man!
    Michele Kenney
    Jacobs Ladder Business Association

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