Clueless Christians?

Clueless Christians?!?

What are clueless Christians? OR Are Christians clueless? About what? In our pluralistic society many people think all Christians are clueless—about everything. But we know that isn’t true. Some of us are clueless; that is an easily observable fact. But there are a growing number of genuine followers of Christ who live amongst us, blended within our secular society, who carry the mark of Christian with honor. They are neither mocked nor ridiculed. They are respected.

They are able to express their faith in Christ in the language and idioms of those around them. They are not evangelizing souls: they are loving their friends, neighbors and work associates. They are transparently living out Christian TRUTH in ways that it can be understood, felt, experienced, and grasped.

This WEBsite is designed to encourage you in your walk of faith in somewhat tenuous territory. Go forth in the confidence of Christ, waiver neither in faith, or love. Go humbly, meekly, and with great mercy and graciousness. Finally, expect rejection and God’s little surprises to go hand-in-hand. He is full of such majestic magic!

This WEBsite is also designed to educate anyone who might still be clueless about how to be a genuine Christian in our ever changing, increasingly apathetic/antagonistic culture. Really, so far, it’s not that bad.

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