Afterthoughts- My Best Ideas Come to me in the Shower

       All of the books I write end with a chapter titled— My best ideas come to me in the shower. Obviously, this is not completely true. I get them driving across the beautiful Colorado Rockies, falling asleep at night (I have a pen and pad of paper on my nightstand), and in conversation with other people.

       The point is that these seemingly random thoughts eventually begin to weave a tapestry of life-reflections.

       Hewlett-Packard ran a TV ad series that imaged people driving, or sitting in a conference room, with the musing — What if…?

       My best ideas come to me in the shower will be a compilation of the various What ifs? I’ve experienced throughout my life. From the earliest years of gusto & immaturity through more seasoned times of reflection, following great successes and atrocious failures.

       Let’s start with a basic one. When do you think about YOU? Where you are in the process of becoming who you are today? Unless you’re 14 you are already on the journey that counts your contributions to life. Or, you’re not one given to personal philanthropy; more often that not, it’s what you can get out of life that is most important to you. And that’s not de facto wrong. But if it’s exclusively your goal in life…, well, you might want to consider that.

       In my cozy widdle shower, I’ve often wondered if my life has made a difference. In giving to others I have received so much back. God has truly honored me so many times. Monetarily? Not so much. But we’ve always had food on the table (great food), gas in our car, and a bed to lay our head on.

       Back to our basic question, What makes you, you?

       To answer this question you might best think through the different phases of your life and the characteristics of each. This will create the essential brushstrokes that describe you in the various changes you experience in your journey.

       I’ve gone through so many phases that I have imagined a maxim —

God is full of surprises! Don’t trust Him.

Of course, that is said tongue-in-cheek. The point being that in investigating who you ARE, God will surprise you with who He is.

       So take a risk! Start to explore YOU. Great amazements await.

Loving God; loving people… and bringing the two together! ©