Endangered Species

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                  More than 2,200 years ago, Protagoras, an Ancient Greek philosopher, was credited as saying—

Man is the measure of all things.”

Plato interpreted this to mean that there is no absolute truth. Rather, only that which an individual believes to be true IS true.(Wikipedia)

WOW, there really is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) The individualistic thinking of our day isn’t that much different. People believe whatever they want, true or not. The common sentiment is that we can create our own truth. No external reference points necessary.

Well, except for things like surgery on MY body, gravity, airplane construction, definitely automobiles, especially the brakes, and rocket trajectory, for those of us chosen for the first Mars mission. In these areas, and many, many more, we want the Absolute Truth followed to its most precise definition.

It is curious that the idea of man being the measure of all things cannot stop the rain just after you’ve washed the car; or prevent traffic jams & heart attacks. Maybe we’re measuring something else? The goal, of course, is to control everything around us, even though we know that is impossible.

Nonetheless, we still try.


A goal of absolute control is at the base of man is the measure of all things. We have longed for safety from the inception of our species. We crave safe borders and a safe platform upon which to base our lives. For many people on this planet, that amounts to the accumulation of things, building a barricade between us and the world outside. Thus has personal wealth risen to such preeminence. Money provides not only safety but barriers as well.

In protecting ourselves and building walls to keep out the undesirables, we have intentionally undermined our own existence. We were created to dwell among others, working and living together to make this world, our village, a safer, more enjoyable place to be. But in constructing barriers, nations, tribes, etc., we have formed communities that exclude others. Is this a good thing? Look at world history. You tell me.

In so many ways we have assured our own extinction in our lust for control and security. This was not the way it was meant to be. Our Creator’s desire was that we be like Him, in community, intrinsically woven together in one another’s lives. Instead, what we have done on this planet is to divide & conquer. We hoard natural resources for our own survival and not for the inclusion of others.

In so doing we have added to the extinction of our species—humanity, male & female, created by God, and sought the destruction of those not like us.Brilliant!

For what it’s worth,


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