Uncovering Christians at Christmas

Dr, Gary, Davis, Christmas, Christian, Clueless, faith            It is becoming more and more difficult find real Christians. We have been supplanted by the massive dismissal of genuine Christian and Biblical beliefs. Replaced, seemingly, by a preference for anything else. But this begs a question—  Why do we need to identify the genuine Christians in culture?

I’m not sure that we do need to identify other Christians in our culture. BUT…, genuine Christians should standout, in some positive way, more than our normal citizens. Some of the things my wife and I have done over the years are—

1.      Gathered our agnostic & atheists friends to join us in neighborhood caroling. Then we gather back at our home for good cookies, wassail, & hot cider,

2.      Distribute our excellent Christmas cookies to friends, of course, but also to the local businesses with whom we do business. If they are in retail, nothing beats a delivered pizza or salad.

3.      Sweeping off the snow & scraping the ice off cars of fellow employees at the end of the day.

4.      Shovel neighbors’ driveways. (note. This is not possible in southern Cal or Florida.)

5.      Providing child care, free of charge, for couples that need to escape for a while.

6.      Take $100, break it into $20s, and give it to random people. No reason.

7.      Give someone the gift of a creative teenager who can help wrap their Christmas gifts. (OK, we haven’t actually done this one yet, but we will. Promise!)

8.      Give hand-warmers to everyone!

9.      Distribute fine bottles of wine randomly; decoratively wrapped.

10.  Or eggnog.

Now, please note. Are any of these ideas especially Christian? No, not really. But we have found that these simple acts of Christmas kindness give rise to the question, “Who are these people?” A simple act that opens a window for a relationship of faith & trust.

So what do you do that is particularly Christian at Christmas?

For what it’s worth,


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