Letter to Leah

Dear Leah,

            It must have been a very difficult decision to leave a faith you had known since you were young. It was your whole world. As you uncovered lies and inconsistencies along the way the confusion you felt must have seemed incomprehensible. You had to be shaken to your core.

            All the training, all the “testing,” you had known throughout your life left you even more unsure about where you stood in Scientology than when you were young. How could you ever have come to the decision to leave? Yet, you did.

            You knew the threats that Katie Holmes had endured, the isolation she suffered. You knew it would follow you and you might lose your family too. Yet, you left.

            You must be a woman of great integrity and forthright honesty. Too many of us cave in to the status quo, majority rule, and cultural mores that surround us. You did not.

            I have a question for you—what do I, as a genuine Christian, have to offer you? Given the immorality and slander and infighting you see in so many so-called “Christian” sub-groups, how can I explain that the heart of the Christian faith is rich with love, acceptance, and safety?

            Beyond the health & wealth plasticity of so many Christians there are genuine followers of Christ who are tired of all the games, tired of all the show, tired of all the fakes. We own up to being imperfect, not quite there yet, but deeply in love with the God who made us. And in love with this world and all, ok most, of its peoples.

            Join the safety and adventure we are on; never knowing what the future holds, but always knowing we are safe.

Much love to you, girl,

Gary Davis