A Spirit Attuned Faith

Spirit AttunedSo far, Takes 1-7, we have considered the various factors that determine both our own expression of the Christian faith and its communication to those outside the Christian realm.

  • A Biblical Mindset Faith
  • A Personality Specific Faith
  • A Culturally Sensitive Faith
  • A Receiver Determined Faith
  • A Community Networked Faith

And now, we turn our attention to a critical factor that influences our faith on a daily basis and on an eternal basis as we communicate it to others— a SPIRIT Attuned Faith.

We can study to develop a Biblical mindset; we can learn from tests and others about the shape of our God-given personality; we can grow into a culturally sensitive faith; we can listen more intently to learn more about those who might receive God’s offer of real-life; and we can strive to be part of two distinct community networks— one Christian, the other— not so much. But nurturing a Spirit Attuned Faith will demand deep inward soul searches, doubtless many more than one.

For unless we are in-tune with God’s Holy Spirit we cannot read the work of the Spirit, or of His adversary in the lives of those who so desperately need to reconnect with the God who made them. Of course, becoming Spirit attuned is no simple matter. It involves a complete vulnerability, a displaying of our soul, if you will, before the God of the Universe. The searching of the soul is often not a pleasant experience. It comprises a total and true confession of who you are before a Holy God. No games, no shadows, no pretenses.

Becoming Spirit Attuned means that you are conscious of God’s presence in your life on a moment my moment basis. It means an honest washing of your soul in constant motion. The result is that you will feel cleaner, lighter, afresh with faith.

There is a down side, though. You will not enjoy your personal sin as much as you used to. You will still sin; it just won’t be as much fun anymore. Sorry.

Nonetheless, tuning-in with the work of Christ within yourself will enable you to sense His miracles at work in the lives of others. And it is amazing! It eliminated the need for a formula-gospel, a shift in our persona to “present the gospel,” and an enjoyment of entering into Christ’s work rather than fighting through those butterflies & knots in your stomach.

So, please, take some time to let the Spirit of Christ search your life, and your soul, to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

For what it’s worth,


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