Wrecking Your Relationship with Jesus

    “I came in like a wrecking ball… .” So said the chorus of Miley Cyrus’ song Wrecking Ball. And she was on to something. So many of us wreck our lives with all kinds of desires, actions, secrets, and false-fronts.

     Why? We can’t be that stupid. Yeah…, we can.

     In the end it will all come back on top of us and destroy our family relationships, professional accomplishments, and friendships. All because we hide something or fake truth to appear more something to others.

     Forgive me, but I’m going to list some things we do to wreck our relationships; especially with Jesus. We lie. We pretend. We fake trust. We play games. We downplay sin. We cheat on Truth. We fake relationships. We say we are “fine” with God when it is obvious we are not.

     There…, have I missed any?!? If you’ve found any other ways we can wreck our relationship with God, please, let me know what they are.

     The question now is, do you want to get back into a healthy relationship with the God who made you? If you do, here are some ideas—  Start with admitting that you are a screw-up. You have failed God (and probably some other people), You knew His principles that would protect you in life…, and you ignored them. Stupid, really. And life threatening.

     Then, talk with someone who you know loves you…, really loves you. They already know you’re a screw-up; they know you’re a mess. They might even be surprised when you come to them in humility, seeking help to get yourself out of this mess. But it’s a smart move to go to one who loves you for gentle correction and guidance. Do it!

     There are probably some  practices in your life you will have to stop. Extramarital Sex, for one. Abuse of alcohol is another. They are the obvious ones. There also things you will have to START doing. Seeking forgiveness from people you love, that you’ve hurt deeply. There are also those on the borders of your life with whom you also need to do some rebuilding.

     But the most important Person you need to get to know again is Jesus. How does He see you? Now. How can you prove to Him you are serious this time? Would you be willing to shut up long enough so you can hear Him read you…, to you?

     These are not simple, easy things to bring up.

     But if you want to dig out from the wreckage your life has become it’s not going to be any simple four step process.

     Get ready to dig in.

In Christ our Lord,


Dr. Gary Davis, President

NEXT— Letting God mold you


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