The Task Before Us

Gary, davis, christian, Winston, Churchill, opportunity, accomplishThere comes a special moment in everyone’s life,

a moment for which that person was born.

That special opportunity, when he seizes it,

will fulfill his mission –

a mission for which he is uniquely qualified.

In that moment, he finds greatness.

It is his finest hour.

~Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

(1874 – 1965)


How’s your job going? If it’s just about making money ‘till the next paycheck then you’re missing something. You’re missing out. If you find yourself arriving home after a good (or hard) day’s work looking forward to a night of television, something is wrong. You are wasting away the hours and minutes God has allotted to you.

Here are some questions you would do well to tackle but will find it difficult to address. —

What gets you up in the morning?

What gives you a sense of accomplishment?

Actually, what ARE you accomplishing?

How has your complaining changed the future?

What ARE you doing to change/challenge the future…, your future? AND the future of others?

What is the particular task God has given you to accomplish on earth?

What skills or abilities will you need to undertake that task?

How do you overcome your uncertainty in life? How do you face your fear?

How will you know when you have completed what is required of you?

Really, you have to think about these questions.


Now go to bed.

For what it’s worth,


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