After Thoughts — I Mostly Listen to Music

       In asking around what some of my friends think about in the shower I often receive I usually just listen to music & sing along. Hummm. Hadn’t quite thought of that one. Probably should consider it. John Denver? Karen Carpenter? Taylor Swift? If anything, I play Classical. Soothing as I think.

       Still, my singing does sound better in the shower. I think everybody’s does. Oh…, you’ve never tried it?

       For most of us “the shower” is a place of escape. A time to separate from our world of work; or a place to prepare for it, to organize our thoughts and approach to the day: to clear our minds of extraneous clutter. And so we smell better. I prefer to start my day with a mind clearing shower, one where I can lay the gridwork for things accomplished. My wife, on the other hand, likes to end her day with a soothing shower, drawing a close to the work of the day.

       Neither of us are right or wrong. It’s just a life pattern we have developed over the years.

       Whether you begin your day with an invigorating shower or end it with a soothing one, you need to establish a pattern that works for you. Consistency is the point. Eliminate one more thing you have to think about so you can get the important stuff done.

       When I was an undergrad I remember a chapel speaker saying There is enough time in each day for you to accomplish all of God’s will. He challenged us to examine our days to see how we were doing with that.

       The idea had never occurred to me that I had been called to participate in something much greater, much more majestic than my own picayunish plans for my day. Let alone for my life. I had to change the ways I viewed myself, my plans, and those around me.

       It wasn’t all about me.

       I still need to be reminded of that. Each day. Every day. Some days I fail miserably to make a difference. I fritter my time away with superfluous stuff.

       But there’s always tomorrow. And tonight’s shower. Or tomorrow mornings. So sing!

       And plan on!

Loving God; loving people… and bringing the two together! ©


NEXT— The Shower— How do you decide what is important?


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