The Whiskey Chronicles 18 – No expectation God will work

       One of the saddest commentaries on Christians in this era is that too many of us have lost any expectation that God still works. His days of making a difference in our world are past.

       We certainly don’t expect Him to drop any of His miracles on us. Not today. We may admit to anomalies in science and medicine on occasion, but it is certainly not the norm to attribute any of these to divine intervention.

       ALL can be explained.

       Since I’ve been in junior high school medical and scientific professionals have been dismissing miracles with the trite We’ll find an explanation someday. For this is one of those things we leave to the work of God. Even when they may not believe in God? [Robert Wright, The Evolution of Religion; “Religious responses to reality are generally explained by game theory and evolutionary psychology.”]

       Christians in the West generally do not believe in miracles. Why is that? Many who are on the more Calvinistic side believe the miraculous gifts ceased with the closing of the writing of the Canon. This position, to this writer, seems to be a quite arbitrary conjecture. The church throughout history has seen the workings of the Spirit of God across both cultures and geographies that have no connection.

       Yes, God works His miracles. Everywhere.

       Why, in our present world, do we believe we need to have a rational or scientific explanation to dismiss any work of God?!? Simply, we do not believe our Lord is still at work in this postModern world. A completely irrational postulation!

       If you’ve traveled our world to any degree, you will hear of and observe God’s work. It is accepted as normative in just about every society…, except in the West. We rule out miracles a priori.

       By example, on a mission in Mexico, an American pastor was asked to pray for healing for a 14 year old boy whose leg was 8” to short and club footed. With great embarrassment our pastor friend placed one hand on the boy’s shoulder and his other hand on his twisted leg. As he began to pray the boy’s leg grew to full length and straightened.

       Our minister friend was dumbfounded. He had just been part of a miracle…, that wasn’t supposed to happen in our day.

       Throughout our lives, personally. my wife and I have been involved in miracles. We’ll never get used to it.

       So when next you find yourself involved in one of God’s miracles that are no longer supposed to exist…, don’t be surprised. God is most definitely still at work in ways we surely do not understand.

       DO NOT try to confine the God of the universe to our limited, puny perspectives.

Loving God; loving people… and bringing the two together! ©


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