The Whiskey Chronicles-No Point of Contact

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   When sitting under the teaching of Dr. Cornelius VanTil I learned that there was no point of contact between the Christian mind and the secular mind. Philosophically this is most probably true. But on a more practical, human experience level, this couldn’t be further from the Truth.

       We are all created in the Image of God. We reflect His character and His appearance. Not exactly sure how that works with the diversity of peoples and races and faces. But we “look like” our Creator: all of us.

       Then, there is something called common grace that extends to all of His creation. It’s what keeps God from destroying us in an angstrom of a second. Our rejection of his mark upon us has dire consequences. We do not do well when we deny or reject it.

       We put our lives at risk when we go beyond his perimeters of protection for our us.

       We may have no point-of-contact with the secular mind but most certainly do have common experiences with the men and women around us.

       Have children? Then you cannot believe that humanity was created basically good. Cute, maybe; but good?!? Not a chance.

       Have teenagers? End of argument. Married? ‘Nough said.

       We have innumerable things in common with common man. So how can anyone say we have no point-of-contact with normal people?!?  [Sorry Dr. VanTil.]

       Spiritually, in beliefs, in our life’s goals…, absolutely; there is no point-of-contact. But when we move outside of Life’s Ultimate Questions, we have so much in common. So much.

       As Followers of Christ we have a foundation to deal with all the insanities and intricacies of life. They are just as hard to face for Christians as other people would face. Coming alongside each other in life’s messes forms a bond that lasts a lifetime.

       If there were any place in reality where genuine Christians are needed it is in the anguish, the tragedy, the helplessness of other people’s lives. So let’s not be isolated Christians, insulated from those around us. We need to be genuine points-of-contact between our Lord and the world of diverse peoples around us, and around the world.

       ‘Nough said.

Loving God; loving people…, & bringing the two together!


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