Loving God, loving people…, & bringing the two together

Norman Rockwell Mosaic  "The Golden Rule"
United Nations Photo

       We now come to the the final ingredient of why Christians exist in this mostly hostile modern postModern environment— bringing God and people together. Throughout history people have sought to find God and discover who we should be to Him.

       UNTIL these postmodern times.

       People, do not seek to find Him. They are not even sure He exists. Our search for meaningful relationships has shifted primarily to human relationships; especially sexual relationships.

       SEX seems to have replaced God as the primary foundation of all human interaction. Unbelievable!

              Of course, in mature relationships it takes its proper place alongside other concerns and values— mutual caring, sacrifice, functional practical realistic partnering. These aspects of relationship, and more, must retain a balance that always puts the OTHER first.

       It’s the same in our coming together with God. As human beings, we are designed to be in constant open relationship with the people around us: we are also designed to be in constant open relationship with the God who created us. If you don’t see this you need to go back to the drawing boards and your Bibles.

       More than that, you must believe that God, our Creator, put us here as part of His redemptive forerunners to bring this human race, these human societies & cultures to an understanding of the God who made them and gave His life for their salvation.

       THIS is the Christian Mission on earth. Nothing else.

       Our calling is to love God, to love people, and to bring the two together. It’s that simple.

       There is no need to memorize a gospel outline. Just walk into people’s lives and love Christ into them. When they are ready, they will ask about the hope that is in you. Or, more likely, “How do you deal with all the chaos and catastrophe around you?”

       They may not comprehend your answer; but you can clarify the work of Christ within you and watch Him work His miracles of redemption right before your eyes. God IS full of surprises.

Loving God; loving people…, & bringing the two together!


Web: www.cluelessChristianity.org

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