After There’s Nothing Left: clean heart & clean soul

            Welcome back! Now that we’ve passed through our Intermission it is time to switch gears from delineating what happens to our soul when you neglect it, deny it, or just don’t bother to feed it, to rebuilding it.

             Point of clarification— When referring to “Soul” it should be taken as the whole of the human being— body, SOUL, & spirit. Historically there has been a debate as to whether we are tripartite, or dipartite; having three aspects to who we are vs. two aspects— body & spirit comprising the soul (self). We will not address this debate here. Rather, we will consider the rebuilding of the soul as the restoration of the whole human being to a vibrancy of life before God and before the world: a healthy human being.

      So we will turn our attention, from here on, to the refurbishing, the re-nourishing, the rebuilding of your soul, your whole being, body/soul/spirit.

      One of the first natural results that flows out of a time of Soul Confession is Soul Clarity. This clarity, like the facets of a cut gem, sparkles in the countless colors of the spectrum. For once you have cleared out the garbage in your life, between your soul and God, between yourself and those around you, and within yourself, you start to see things more clearly. You start to feel lighter in life, and in spirit. The world around you shines brighter; the colors of existence seem more vibrant, pulsing with life, dazzlingly brilliant.

      The questions that haunt you are no longer morbid or morose. Rather, they are questions of possibility and hope. “I wonder what’s in store for me around the corner?” “What comes next?” Clarity of life elicits an attitude within that is expectant, hopeful, and courageous. “I can tackle anything!” Cleaning out your life, through confession, forgiveness, and humility produces clarity and perspective on just about everything.

      The first adversity to recovery is admitting that you need to deal with yourself. Attitudes, mindsets, absolute perspectives you hold will all need to be scrutinized. Trust me, it’s no fun, but necessary.

 Totally dependent on You,


Dr. Gary Davis, President

NEXT— After There’s Nothing Left— digging out of the dirt.

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