After There’s Nothing Left: an intermission- kindness

  Still in the grips of this pandemic. Coming out of one of the truly malicious federal elections in memory, facing any further facets of depression seems like hardening icing on the top of a stale, sagging cake. With melting candles.

   No! I don’t think so. Let’s shift gears.

   Between now and New Years, I hope to challenge your perspective. The one thing genuine Christians can do for the rest of humanity right now is to come alongside them and help lighten their load.

   We cannot lift the weight of their sin, we cannot solve the entirety of the Human Dilemma, but after these past 11 months we can be kind to our neighbors, sensitive in our businesses, gentle in our relationships with people, and offer a helping hand (food, tire change, snow shovel flowers, whatever…, to those around us.

     There has been so much pain, extensive loss (250,000 deaths USA), and anger over this past Presidential election that we need, collectively, to commit ourselves to being kind to one another.

      If there were ever a time for true Christians to step forward and take action, actionable kindness, it is now. No discussion, no siding with political parties, no dredged-up histories. KINDNESS. NOW.

      The leader of our Community Group prays every day that he will be kind to people.

      Why? Because kindness is not a natural human trait. Our natural bent is to retaliate against people who disagree with us or come against us. Kindness must be cultivated.

      And if you cannot think of any ways to be kind to your neighbors, and especially your political opposites…, “Houston, we have a problem.” Has our human nature supplanted our sense of forgiveness?!? Shouldn’t kindness be grounded in Christ’s love for us, instead of a reaction?!?

Remember how Christ’s apostle Paul admonished us, Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. ~Ephesians 4:32 ESV.

So my trust through all this is in Jesus Christ, and will remain so.

     Where’s your trust?

Honor God, honor people, show a little kindness,
Dr. Gary Davis, President


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