http3a2f2fmashable.com2fwp-content2fgallery2foffice-mysteries2fcoffeering.jpg     You know that reaction when you’re working and forgot your coffee and you just want one more sip?!? You put your lips to the rim and start a sip, and…, ugh— tepid. Lukewarm at best. Not even worth trying another sip. It’s not going to get better. And the thought of nuking it, again, is sooo unappealing. Tea-bags start to dance in your head. Stop it!

     Sadly, some of the people we know can be described as tepid. Lack-luster, insipid, dull, bland, colorless, wishy-washy. Too many Christians come across like this; they call it humility; for some, it truly is; but for too many, it is not. It’s wariness about life that robs it of its joy. We are so afraid of sinning (word needs further explanation) that we don’t do anything that might be judge-able by others. [Yet, as I remember, our sins have been forgiven.] Yesterday’s coffee… .

     There are many issues between those of us within the Christian Faith and “the world.” Our beliefs about reality are of substantial divergence. We believe reality was created by God. We believe science & religion are not in opposition. We believe all creation has intrinsic value. We believe human beings reflect our Creator in more ways than we could imagine.

     It should be obvious that we believe that people have turned away from God’s principles for living and are in need of restoration. We see that restoration made possible through the life changing sacrifice of Christ to pay for the penalty of our rebellion against God.

     This should be reason enough for great rejoicing and celebration. But we don’t live that way. Too many of us live as if we are constantly guilty for falling short of what God has for us. In our desire to be humble before our God we have lived defeated, broken lives. TEPID.

     Normal people don’t see the use of Christianity. We’re no different than they are; just more judgmental. Why bother?!?

     Something must be done to restore the joy of our salvation. But what?

     Because we are so different, with different personalities, cultures, and gifts, I think I’ll leave that for you to figure out. You’re probably tired of me and my lists of suggestions anyway. [Not that I won’t go back to them next week.]

     You know that feeling when you pick up a wet dish-rag in the sink after it’s been sitting there all day? Not warm, not cold? Just blech! That’s too many of us. Suggestions welcome. With HOT coffee, please.

Honor God, honor people…, make a difference,


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