PHASES #6, Disillusion

    Remember the first time someone told you there wasn’t a Santa Clause? No, wait. Maybe I shouldn’t have put it that way. Do you remember the time someone mentioned in passing that there just may be a possibility that Santa Clause might not be “real,” in some sense of the word?

Doesn’t matter, does it. The thought was implanted in your brain. It left the Santa Clause Question open to further pondering.

How about the first time someone challenged you about your faith in Jesus. Told you that it was all just a made-up story; from Creation on…, just a story. Your feelings of elation and freedom were simply a product of your up-bringing or social religious input. Or maybe it was when you couldn’t answer someone’s question? Did that start to make it all untrue for you?

How about the time you prayed that someone you loved would be healed by God…, and they died. Or was it you studied other religions or philosophies and found them just as intriguing? Or maybe a broken relationship?

For many of us, things come up in our walk of faith that disillusion us. We doubt. We question whether it is all true; that is, if the stories in the Scripture we revere are all factual accounts of history, of redemption?

Often, instead of leading to sincere, serious inquiry, this disillusionment leads to cynicism; a cynicism of the worst kind. We try to drag others into the abyss of our despair to wallow in doubt along side us. O joy!

Some even leave the faith because of their disillusion. This saddens me. I am sure some gave Christianity a try, and it didn’t work for them. But most who leave do so because being a Christian did not live up to their standards of peace and/or perfectionism. If you think Christians should be, or are, perfect, don’t join us. We are a people in process who do not have all the answers and often get lost along the way.

In a rich relationship with Christ, as in any love relationship, there will be ups & downs; times of disappointment, and even despair; times of joy and sorrow. And if I tell you that in the end it will all make sense, that really doesn’t help much, does it.

What I can attest to is a God who is full of surprises. When your faith is low…, surprise! He does something to totally wreck your world and turn it right-side up again. If you constantly doubt your faith, or whether you are truly saved…, let me assure you, if you are hungry to be with Christ, long to learn more about Him, and even enjoy spending time with other Christ Followers, you are still on the right path. Accept the freedom and forgiveness Christ has granted you and GET ON WITH IT! (… more on this later.) 

Disillusioned? Sometimes, sorta…, but mostly—  not anymore,


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