Love, Dr, Gary Davis, ChristianHow do I love thee, let me count the ways…” “Better to have loved and lost…” “I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine.” ”She walks in beauty like the night…”  To presume to pen any original inspiration on the issue of love is, at a profound level, most audacious; at a fool-hearty level it is at least impudent.  Not to write at all is to relinquish earnest passion and attentive consideration to the past. I, for one, am not disposed to do that just yet. For love has roused anew in our progeny from ancient times and will do so long after we have crossed that sacred line of our lives.

Though there are endless examples of verse, song, physical expression, psychological and/or chemical analysis of love, it remains one of the rare universals that bind our race together. Nations have gone to war for the love of a woman; they have also gone to war over betrayal of love. One world renowned counselor/educator, Dr. Gary Chapman has even identified The 5 Love Languages.

Affirmation through Words

Acts of Service

Personal Touch

Receiving Gifts

Quality Time

[You can decide where taking-out-the-trash, changing-juicy-poopy-diapers, and cleaning-the-cat-litter-box go.]

There are at least three shapes of love that must be woven together for any kind of love to remain stable— love3, or, love cubed.

1.      Feeling— Being drawn to the other; whether by a boy, a girl, a car, a dress, a beautiful island, or a life purpose. Your heart is stirred, your passions aroused, and feelings stirred.

2.      Action— Whatever the object of your affection, you want to do something to show your love. If between a man & a woman, flowers and dinner; something to demonstrate your interest in them as a person. If a car, wax it, detail it— to the polishing of the wheel-wells. To aspire to achieve your life’s purpose is to focus your energies (& actions) toward that end. This is genuine love— feeling in action!

3.      Commitment— But Feeling & Action are not enough. There must be Commitment for the first two to stand the tests of time. You must ask yourself, How committed are you to this person? For better or for worse, in sickness & in health, ‘till death do us part? How long will I hang on to this old clunker? How serious am I about achieving my goals and making a difference in this world?

There is a short poem in the Hebrew Psalms (15) that asks a question— Who may stand on God’s Holy Hill, in His Temple, before His face? One of the answers it gives is, He who swears to his own hurt and does not change. He keeps his word and follows through. Good advice for any lover these days, eh!?!  Love3.

Have a nice week,


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