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forward slash

In the world of Internet Searches it helps to narrow your search by tightening the URL designation. For example,  will find access to massive amounts of information; not helpful. TMI. But if you narrow the perimeters of your search, , you will hone in on the information you desire more directly. The forward slash following the .org (or .com, or .gov) is Internet language for tighter specificity in a search.

Tighter specificity forces clarification in the rest of life as well. Tighten your definitions of things and you will better understand what it is you are trying to accomplish. Whether it is a job search, a decision about a relationship, a commitment to be initiated or a contract to be terminated, defining demarcations first will aid in the follow-through when it comes time to put things into motion. For example, if the question is Which car should we buy? tighten the question by thinking How will this vehicle be used primarily? If will be used primarily for hauling kids to sports games, an $85,000 Mercedes is probably NOT in order.

You’ve heard this— READY! AIM! FIRE! Basic fire-arms training. But often in business it’s more like READY! FIRE! AIM! You may or may not hit your target. But the initial emphasis must always be on READY. Whether you are a high-risk individual (needing little information to act), or a lower-risk person (needing varying degrees of adequate information to act) you must still have the right information. And that is a matter of specificity— clarifying the issues around the course of action to be set into motion before starting out.

Some questions—

1.      How much should I plan ahead? (Depends on the decision at issue.)

2.      To what extent do I research an idea, a trip, a business plan, or course of action before it is initiated?

3.      How can I tighten my research? How can I move from the broad-sweep to the narrow path?

4.      WHO can help me think through this?

Did Hannibal have a plan as he crossed the Alps to invade Rome? Did Wellington have a plan to defeat Napoleon at Waterloo? Did Washington have a plan to defeat the British? Did Bill Gates & Paul Allen have a plan as they launched Microsoft? YES! …and No.  An initial vision, a passion, a drive to succeed? Absolutely. But each one of them had to define, refine, redefine, and clarify their plans as things were set into motion.

So it is throughout life, even a Christian’s life. All of us must constantly adjust, adapt, refine our definitions and realign our goals to adjust to emerging influences. The questions change in each season of life; sometimes, so also do the answers. Seek help from a professional, a friend, and seriously, listen for God.

For if you are not tightening those definitions, clarifying the issues, honing in, you will be left with the SHIFT  to the Question Mark above the slash key…, er ?


Have a nice week,


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