Hurricanes are nothing to mess with. As of this writing we have yet to find a way of quelling or harnessing their immense power. They blow where they will; and upon reaching land their devastation is complete.

Preparing for a hurricane’s destructive forces is a matter of individual and regional efforts. Business owners, home owners, and government agencies all need to depend upon each other for cooperation to assure the common safety of a local community. Hurricane preparedness involves shuttering windows, checking pumps, stocking food supplies, backing up electronic files, and generally storm-proofing one’s personal and professional domains.

We should be so diligent in storm-proofing our own lives for the complex assaults of daily living! The unsuspected mishaps that assail us each day can dishevel our balance and leave us vulnerable to plunge into depths of despair or dangling directionless in a state of disaster. Whether unforgotten, unwelcome bills, business downturns, problems with the car, or major threats like relationship breakups, drama with the kids, or betrayal of trusts, being ungrounded, unprepared, can leave us in limbo with no sense of where to turn for guidance or help.

Imaging a Hurricane as our model, in what ways have you prepared for unexpected adversity? What do you need to put in place as a buffer against life’s contingencies and calamities? Food stores, financial reserves, escape routes, insurance against flood, fire, life or limb? You know the sign— Plan ahead ? How often have many of us thought of preparing for disaster after-the-fact? Too late. Planning ahead is precisely that— planning ahead. It is not waiting ‘till the storm is neigh, it is not thinking about preparing. It IS planning ahead.

When it comes to a deliberation about our life’s purpose, what we do with our life, planning becomes a considerable consideration. We dare not come up short as we storm-proof our basic thrust in life. We must give adequate attention to discerning just exactly what it is we are designed to do. Seek guidance from friends, ask for the insights of those who have already trodden your proposed path; listen to your parents and spouse. Work hard to not choose unwisely.

When it comes to our service of God and country, make sure you have considerable understanding of what they are asking of you. Have you ever read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, let alone the Bible? Having a full, clear understanding of God’s design for you will storm-proof your beliefs when those times of doubt and uncertainty come. And never, never finally make up your mind. Learn to learn, adapt, adjust, and listen for new marching orders constantly. God is a God of clarity, not confusion.

Be sure that life’s minor and major hurricanes will come. The choice to be prepared and grounded is up to you. Your choices will have wide reaching consequences of your family and this society. So help us God.


Have a nice week,


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