Fear of being un-known

EmPulse for Week of August 2, 2010

Fear of being un-known

Many people in our society are terrified of being known, of revealing too much of themselves to others. Thus, though sociable outwardly, they conceal their souls in secrecy. Yet others long for significance; theirs is a desire to make a difference, to leave a mark, to be known: they have a continual underlying fear that their lives won’t matter— theirs is a fear is of being unknown, of being ignored. For this kind of person there is a daily disappointment in the mundane, the repetitious, the monotonous routine. They long to contribute something of significance but may, in fact, live lives of trivial irrelevance.

Their inconsequential reality plays horrible tricks with them—

1.       Need to Impress— Their fear of being unknown causes them to constantly try to impress people.

2.       OCD— Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; they have to be right! They over prepare for everything.

3.       Exaggerated  Life— Their reported life, seeming greater than it actually is, leads them to believe their own lie.

4.       Loss of Significant Solitude— Solitude allows for contemplation & self-examination. In doing so, people who fear being unknown just might not measure up, even to themselves.

5.       Loss of Self-Esteem— Remaining unknown brings on possible depression and resignation to a dull life.

If you find yourself among those who fear being insignificant throughout life, muse over these offerings—

1.       Quiet Humbleness— Give other people the opportunity to draw attention to your accomplishments.

2.       Admit Mistakes— Statistically, you can’t get it wrong all the time. Still, do your best; but don’t overdo it.

3.       Reality Bites— Live an honest life before God & man. It is so much more satisfying than remembering the lies.

4.       Friendly Fire— Find someone who will truly level with you about how you come across to people. Listen! Do not defend yourself. Take the shots. Then get alone before God and yourself to reflect on your soul in solitude.

5. Being…, so much more than Doing If self-esteem comes from doing, it can all be swept away in an instant. Search for significance in who God has designed you do BE as a integral part of His creation.

Your life already has a context. You are of considerable importance to more people than you might realize. Still, it is more important to be known to God than to be known to men. Being unknown is not possible. Give it up.

Have a nice week.


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