miracles  Miracles do not hold a lot of credibility these days. Much of what we used to see as miracles has been explained by science or medical treatment. To this writer, that doesn’t make the occurrences any less a miracle; we just understand them a little better. You might call them natural miracles.

     Nonetheless, there are other miracles in our natural order that cannot be explained by any forthcoming discovery. Contrary to what our atheists brothers believe (whose position isá priori at best), there are some things in our universe that cannot be credited to the natural order. They are acts of God, like it or not.

     To list a few—  the creation and evolution of humanity, the plagues of Egypt, the conversation at the burning bush, the pregnancy of Jesus’ mother, Mary, raising Lazarus from the grave, the ability to understand and speak in other languages you haven’t studied, discernment, futurism (knowing what is to come). For more, check out this site—https://www.oddee.com/item_99276.aspx . Sure, medical miracles could be the body healing or preserving itself in ways we do not understand. For now, maybe for now, maybe forever, they are miracles.

     For this writer, the reality of any LIFE existing at all in a merely mechanized universe is a miracle. Actually, with all the complexity of life, and in the universe, to declare that it all came into existence randomly is unbelievable. Remember the Law of Entropy? No?!? Just go into your teenager’s room. Chaosà Orderà Chaos?!?  Not likely. ORDER cannot arise from CHAOS: conversely, chaos can devolve out of order.

     There are, really, only two options when it comes to explaining everything. It is all just a random conglomeration of accidents that somehow work: or, there is some divine design that holds it all together. [There is a third option—that is to posit that everything has always simply been this way. That just feels a little weird.]

     Miracles? Maybe…, maybe not. If you’ve had them happen to you, you know that incredible surprise comes along with them. Maybe you’ve just observed a miracle in someone’s life; hard to explain or categorize.  If you haven’t, maybe you need to reconsider your own á priori presuppositions about life. Personally, I do this about every 3 years; it forces me to be more opened minded about life, purpose, and meaning.

Get outside your box,