Pocket Watch

 It was almost 35 years ago that my father died. If you’ve lost a parent, no matter how recent or in distant memory, you know how you never quite lose those special moments you had with them. Recently, I came across my father’s pocket watch, a Waltham. It had been given to him by his father. Now I have it. And it still works.

Pocket watches were used to time everything in their day; but mostly for determining train departures and arrivals in the rail industry. Their accuracy was extremely important. If a train left the station or yard too early if could find itself on a collision course with another train coming in on the same track.

Timing is just as critical in our technological era. From picking up the kids from daycare, to traffic signals, to being on time for a flight, to space craft launches, TIMING is critical.

Timing is critical in relationships as well. Simple Punctuality is a sign of respect. Knowing when to speak, and when not to, is a sign of wisdom & intuition. Words spoken are difficult to retract; some people remember things said to them all their lives. Some forgive; some do not.

Being truthful is a necessity in conversations. You never want to be caught in a lie, or a half-truth. End of credibility. But timing is critical when considering the difference between HONESTY and OPENNESS. Honesty should be required to direct questions. Openness is more a matter of perception, timing, and sensibility. For example, frank, honest discussion within a relationship is always good for the soul and for all those involved. Openness, laying out all your concerns on another in one single exchange, may be too much for them to bear.


Consider the import and ramifications of your words. What effect might your openness have on the other person? Are they at a good place to accept them, to ponder your perspective?

This is a kind of timing that is unavailable on the face of a pocket watch, or any other timepiece, for that matter. But it is an art we would all do well to learn.

Someone has said, “There is enough time in each day to do all God has assigned you.” So use your time wisely. Use your words wisely too. Timing is everything.

For what it’s worth,


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