an improper Manhattan

The “Manhattan” was Steve Jobs cocktail of choice; but only if made properly. If you’ve spent any time on the island of Manhattan you are well aware of the competition to serve the best “Manhattan.” Some finer restaurants rest their reputation on the quality & acclaim of this most common of drinks. Its recipe is simple—



  1. Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with the cherry.

Nonetheless, this is NOT a proper Manhattan. It is close, but not quite perfected. The formula of ingredients and preparation above suffer one alteration. Namely, that a proper Manhattan should be, just as the Martini, and in the words of our bard, James Bond, shaken, not stirred. This creates slight slivers of ice crystals on the surface of the drink when poured into a fine, lead crystal goblet.  THIS is a proper Manhattan.

Our society, however, is no longer a culture of refinement, of sensibility, let alone a place for propriety. We oft settle for second-best, or, worse yet, the mundane of the ordinary. Any ol’ drink will do—Whiskey! Beer! Manhattan. Further designation unnecessary. We have lost our sense of taste for things that are more reflective of God in His creation. Few of us mount fine art work in our homes (even reproductions are replaced with WalMart copies). We drive cars that get us from A to B…, and little more. Our culture has settled for things that reflect craftsmanship at its mediocrity, if that.

Because we have lost a vision of the Lord God Creator in His Splendor and Glory we settle for a plastic Jesus in all areas of life; from Manhattans, to business ethics, to building construction, to art, to relationships. We have lost a proper respect for God in His Universe and thus for any glory in His creation. We are content with the commonplace, the knock-offs, even the fake. Everything is affected.

Isn’t it time we questioned whether we are the gods we believe we are and that maybe, just maybe, there truly is a God in the Universe who has a sense of the proper order of life; who has more power, insight, wisdom, intrusive graciousness than we have ever accessed. I am tired of improper Manhattans! And I am tired of people holding an improper view of God and of life. Let’s get over ourselves and get our lives in order, our relationships in order, this world in order, and learn to make proper Manhattans once again.

Have a nice week,


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