…of bed-boards and springboards


At this moment I am sitting by my mother’s side as she lies on a bed dying. She always preferred her bed to be on the firmer side. Not too much so, but sufficiently so. Bed-boards always make a soft bed so much more comfortable. She lies on such a bed at this moment. Not that it matters to her that much. She is in pain, breathing with some degree of difficulty.

She is leaving us.

Yet as she lies in this bed, she is also taking her first steps onto a springboard. This will be her launching step into a world filled with glory, golden light, and the exuberance of a new life, peace, and rest for a weary traveler. Each of us, unquestionably, will come to this point. The only questions are when, where, and how?  Will it be gentle, rough? Drawn out, or quick? Surrounded by friends & family; or alone?

Though we may wish it, this is not the case for everyone. The springboard does not always launch to a place of celebration—rather, it shatters, plunging its load into an abyss of captivity. It is a dark place where people can avoid each other; a place where they will finally get what they truly want—a world of total independence, with no responsibility to care for others. It is a world devoid of God, His love, and His perimeters of protection set in motion on this planet to guard its inhabitants from self-destruction. In this underworld those safe-guards do not exist.

It is now late into the night. I sit here alone with my mother…, waiting for her to take that initial leap from a springboard, propelling her into that new, exhilarating, vibrant life. For that has been her life’s desire, “to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

For some of my friends, my dear close friends, this is not their desire. Their desire is to have all that this world has to give them. And that is what they will receive.

I weep for them.

Sitting here, I am envious that my mother, so much the gracious servant during her time in this realm, will soon get to play and dance and sing in the courtroom of heaven. There’s just the matter of this human shell to discard.

It is true; we all will come to that point of crossing-over. For my mother, it will be from a bed-board to a springboard, to life. When our time comes to step up onto the springboard, what will be our next step? Where will we come down? And what must we do beforehand to prepare?

[On Saturday, January 19th, 2013, at 1:57 p.m., Florence Adelaine Andersen Davis, jumped into the arms of our heavenly Father; there to celebrate His glory forever. She was 97 years old, by our reckoning. I am soooooo jealous.]

Mom- 27 Dec 2012

Following in the family footsteps,


8 thoughts on “…of bed-boards and springboards

  1. Dear Gary-tears are flowing. Very beautiful. So honored I got the chance to know her better. She was a beautiful woman. love Barb Edwards

  2. O Gary, I pray for you God’s comfort, strength and peace to you as your Mom has crossed over (sprung over) into the Bright Country. Thanks for your honest writing of feelings, faith and hope. How you will miss her – how awful for you but, yes, how wonderful for her. Every blessing to you and yours, my friend.

  3. Thoughtful post. So grateful that your mom lived the life she did and that she is celebrating in God’s presence. So sorry for your loss. Love from the Hutchinson’s

  4. Thinking of you and your family today, Gary. And for your mom…. what an extraordinary experience it must be for her to be becoming part of that greater cloud of witnesses. Whoah.

  5. Dear Gary,    What a wonderful tender article!   Your mom was blessed for so many years to have you as her son.   I loved this article and will use it in church if that is okay with you.    All peace to your heart brother.  Dave


  6. What a wonderful example of what a real Christian is. An example that carried a lot of weight when it came time for me to choose life with Jesus or life unfulfilled. Though Aunt Florence only spent a few days with us every few years or so while still traveling, her impact was large on our family. God bless you all Gary, her smile is imprinted on our hearts.

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