fast distractions

Nooooo. This is not a story about a Bugatti Veyron. Truthfully, I would rather be driving one than ever writing about one. This is a story about the speed of our lives, that often feels as if it is approaching the speed of a Veyron (247.2 mph). As a society we move w-a-y too fast. Our careers seem to have taken over our lives, rather than providing income so that we might have a life. The proliferation of ¨fast food¨ (if in fact it is food) should be proof enough of our life´s increased velocity.

We move at such a life-pace that we rarely STOP long enough to take the time to discuss the important stuff- our goals, life ambitions & dreams, values, weaknesses and fears. Most of us just work, crash & burn. OR, we escape in TV, sports, movies, alcohol, or non-stop social activities.  Sometimes, sadly, it is too late to remedy the past stream of events and we must endure the less-than-pleasant consequences of our actions.

So before you are over-run (or run-over) by your own life consider trying these action-steps:

1. STOP moving so fast. You really DO NOT have to fill every waking moment of your existence.

2. Find THIRTY MINUTES a day wherein you do NOTHING: no work, no TV, no people or activities. You simply sit or walk alone with yourself…, & God, if he chooses to join you.

3. SIT with your spouse, partner, or group of good friends and TALK about those more consequential issues of life. What is my purpose? What do I want out of life? Is there a God? What difference does it make if there is/isn’t? What am I doing to leave a life-legacy?

4. SING. Yes, Sing. For some of us this is best done in a shower or in a forest deep. There is just something that happens to your soul when you sing.

5. ASK God…, well, anything. Then WAIT for an answer. You might be surprised.

6. DETERMINE to DO one unnecessary thing for someone else at least once a week. [Extra bonus points for doing so in a slinky, stealthy manner.]

Great insights and solutions often come unexpectedly in times of private reflection and solitude. So, again, slow it down and smell the coffee. Unless, of course, you are behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron.

Have a nice week,


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