Glider Pilot

Aleksander Markin

Ever wonder what it’s like? Silently slipping through the thermals at 3000’–5000’? Just you. No strings attached; the tether to the aerotow plane, severed moments ago, now seems like forever; or just the blink of an eye. The majesty of the earth moves slowly below you; the horizon’s expanse stretches 360º; the sky above, brilliantly blinding! You are suspended between two worlds and you never want to land. Your spirit soars! You are free.  …if only for a moment.

Most of us need an experience where we soar above our everyday circumstances to regain perspective on how to function in the daily warp ‘n woof of life. It is too easy to simply get caught up in our activities. Yet purpose and productivity, whether raising strong-willed children, running a Fortune 500 company, or starting out as a mechanic in a garage all demand that we check in with ourselves periodically to regain a sense of where we are in process.

There are a variety of areas where regaining clear perspective is critical. Here’s my list—

  1. A clear conscious and a clean heart.
  2. Healthy relationships with those around you.
  3. Juggling your time with wisdom.
  4. Realistically defining your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Use of your discretionary cash.
  6. Actually planning for the unexpected…, & the expected.
  7. Knowing your place in the universe.  [a.k.a.— knowing your place before God.]
  8. Listening to learn more from others.
  9. Developing the arts of sacrifice & service.
  10. Slowing your soul.

Pick five. Get to work. You might find yourself just as free on the earth as gliding above it.

Have a nice week,


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