A Closed Mind

There are three kinds of people in this world…, those who make up their minds once & for-all about everything, and those who are so opened minded that their brains fall out. For those who come to final conclusions early in life, congratulations! The rest of your life will be a simple flow of new information feeding through a predisposed filter with no further consideration needed. This is truly a wonderful way to live! There are no longer variables in the questions of life, merely pre-established conclusions. For those who chose to remain open-minded on most topics, there will be a constant reconsideration of new information without a critical foundation by which to make an assessment. The wheel is spinning but the rat is dead. The third kind of people just never bother with any deeper thought than large or small fries.

Clearly, no one is singularly one or the other. [Actually, I recant that. I have met some people who have truly relinquished all critical thought; they lie in both of the aforementioned categories.] Nonetheless, it seems prudent to keep an open mind on some issues, but to construct some kind of value-screen whereby information and experiences can be measured, evaluated, (categorized?), and considered for significance and reliability.

We live in a milieu of pluralism where it is supposedly politically correct to keep your options open; to keep an open mind about things. But we also live in a mosaic of cultures where some have opted to close their minds on anything outside their immediate subcultural network. Tunnel vision would be a step to the left. These groups have been denoted as Republicans, the religious right, the evangelicals; or, if you will, Democrats, the radical left, liberals, the 1%, and even the arrogant elitist aristocracy. No matter where you find these people they all have one thing in common— they have closed their minds to any consideration of new data or any reconsideration of established presuppositions.

If I might, I’d like to come-out. I am a genuine Christian; I am not plastic, superficial, or judgmental of other faiths or philosophies; nor do I attempt to convert people to my way of believing. I leave that to God. AND I am open to the possibility that I MIGHT BE WRONG. The principles I adhere to are known as the Christian faith, by the way. I cannot prove what I believe is true. You cannot prove your presuppositional origin either.

So will you agree with me that it is time we confessed we are not as certain about things as we pretend, and open our minds to listen intently to other points of view? If we do so our beliefs will be challenged: then they will be affirmed more vigorously or drawn into a reexamination of our basic beliefs. How can we go wrong!?! Subsequent discussion over a fine glass of Shiraz preferred.

Have a nice week,


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