Temporal Distortion

Salvadore Dali’s 1931 painting The Persistence of Memory challenges us to reconsider the solidity of time. Dali saw time as “soft” vs something that is “hard.” Einstein postulated that time would slow down as a traveler reached the speed of light. This is a type of temporal distortion. So although the velocity of light is a constant, the measurement of time becomes a variable. It distorts.

In a sense, the faster humans go, the more our sense of time distorts. We try to pack so much into a day, a week, month or year, until we confuse the value of the time we have. We begin to live in separate “universes,” crossing between them as needed, to keep pace with ourselves and the impossible schedules we attempt to keep. The result is that we lose the ability to properly perceive ourselves in the real universe: we also lose our ability to perceive the real universe accurately as well. Our vision becomes skewed proportionately with the velocity of our lives. More simply— run ahead of reality, miss the small stuff. Critical details are not so designated capriciously. They are important to grasp in the grand scheme of things.

Our personal, temporal velocity will distort our grasp of real reality.

Time is measured out to each of us to use with delicate touch. None of us know how much of it we have in this life-span. So, in an effort to prevent a distortion of it, I offer these challenges to you—

In broad strokes, chart the next year; vacations, holidays, work commitments, family times. Do the same in more detail for the next month, for this upcoming week. Then ask these questions of yourself—

  1. What is important to you? What % of time does that get?
  2. What is the balance of time between work and family? Remember, it’s quality and quantity time.
  3. How long does it take you to STOP? [You do stop, don’t you?] Relaxing cradles refreshment within.
  4. How much time do you spend staring at the ceiling when you go to bed at night? Get help. OR, just STOP your day one hour earlier. One hour earlier. “Sleep…, don’t leave home without it.

Do not be deceived. Temporal Distortion does lead to warped comprehension in adjacent areas of life. Given enough time distortion evolves into perversion; and perversion lapses into blindness to the truth of any reality other than the one solely inhabited by you. God set up this universe to run smoothly according to His principles of time & space, of relationships within reality. Don’t mess with it. Adjust your life to run in time with the Universal Clock; and I don’t mean the one in Greenwich.

Have a nice week,


2 thoughts on “Temporal Distortion

  1. Gary, Super article. More than anything in my own life is just to stop! To put on them brakes. Thanks for a reminder.

  2. Very nice Sir. The good thing is that I mist be doing ok, since I do spend quantity and quality ( the 2 Q’s ) doing what I like. It is good to be able to look at a checklist and say wow, I do that.
    Thank you.

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