How to get things done!

How to get things done!

“I have too much to do.” Overwhelmed! Behind. Yes, I have a plan; but I got off track. I need help! Words & phrases we use far too often. Between family responsibilities, demands at work, and financial constraints, most of us are not at peace within our souls. Here are a few suggestions to keep you from going over the edge.

  1. STOP! First, you will have to quiet your soul, your heart rate, your busy schedule, & that jumbled glob of thoughts that rumble around in your mind. PLEASE, start by taking one hour alone in a quiet, comfortable place…, with tea.
  2. Pad of paper, pencil (not pen), or a laptop. List everything on your plate. Categorize—Family, Business, House (repairs?), Vision, Projects to complete.
  4. Pick something else. CUT IT. It can wait.
  5. Reshuffle. Realign your check-lists after you’ve thought through it for a while.
  6. Always allow EXTRA TIME to accomplish things. Remember, distractions will come!
  7. SHARE THE LOAD. If possible, surround yourself with people who can help. At work, hire; at home, friends & neighbors can get things done BETTER together.
  8. TAKE BREAKS. Do not try to get everything done at once; you’ll wear yourself out.
  9. Fight to stay ON TRACK.

It is quite difficult to maintain focus in this era of over commitment and over-work. Leading a simpler life is not possible (or desirable) for everyone. But we do have a responsibility to manage what is on our plate. God has given us certain things to do on this planet and we must be about getting them done. MAKE a DIFFERENCE. Ergo, one more suggestion—

  1. GET OUTSIDE YOURSELF. Help someone else with their list.

Have a nice week,


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