Page Title

Page Title

Scenario #1  It’s afternoon gridlock on the 405; you’re just trying to get home. You are tired of the tedium of your job in LA. What next?

Scenario #2  You are not looking forward to the presentation you have to give today as in Boston. You are good at what you do, but it’s just not you. You wish you could get out of this rat-race.

Scenario #3  You’re in another relationship; your third this year. The same ol’ patterns are arising. Something’s not right. Trapped…, again?

Scenario #4  Your high school friends are all you have. Then they turn on you. Why? Your parents have no idea. You hate your life.

We all arrive at those dead-end streets many times in our lives. We feel like nothing will ever change. We’re stuck where we are. For some of us this will be our life. Life will never change—because we will never change. But for those who want things to be different, better, there is a way out. We can change.

Start with a pad of paper (Laptop, Tablet, 3×5 card, papyrus). At the top of the page decide on a title for your life—for the life you want to live. Do not focus on the past. You already know what that was like. Create a realistic Page Title that you want to define your life in the future, starting tomorrow. Here are some suggestions— Managing Wisely through Enabling Others, Balancing Mothering with Self-Esteem, 10 Issues I must Resolve this Year, How I will Create My Future, How to Turn Over a New Leaf Without Burning Down the Forrest, Reigning-in My Boisterous Side, Forcing Myself to Take Risks, It’s NOT the Credit Cards- It’s ME, Learning to Love and Trust Again, Saying What I Mean. Write down any number of Page Titles, then pick the one that best describes what you want to work on to be different, to change, to grow.

Now fill the page with what you will DO to reinforce that Page Title. Use a list, write at angles, connect things with lines, group them with circles…, you get the picture. Start to lay out a kind of mental road map of how you will make your Page Title define who you are, who you want to be, or resolve some issues you’ve needed to address for a long, long time. These are the things you will DO to fulfill your Goal!

God didn’t design us to wallow in our misery on this planet. He made us to flourish, to change things, and to make a difference in this universe. So let’s start with ourselves, then help other people, then fly to Mars. Small steps, taken together, become big ones in the end. So there! [Note: You may need to read the instruction manual— the Christian Scriptures. Self-help doesn’t always see things clearly.]


Have a nice week,


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