parallel universe

parallel universe

A parallel universe. Some hope it’s there: some do not. Some people feel like they actually live in one. They seem to be…, never quite here. Other worldly, not in the present-time or space, etc. Oddly, we need people who are not quite here. They think outside the box, color outside the lines, come at reality from a very peculiar perspective. And, thus, the rest of us gain insight and perspective from their other-worldliness, their finesse at viewing what we see from the other side of the mirror draws us to listen and consider.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were another universe? One, wherein we could change ourselves, correct our past mishandling of things, or do what we’ve always intended to do in this universe but never quite got around to it. Maybe the other side of a black-hole isn’t so bad after all. Of course, it could just as well be the final judgment. Conundrums aplenty.

In my imaginations I have traveled to such a universe. A place where things are the way I want them to be, where everything is to my liking with little regard for one else. But I’ve also journeyed to a universe where the world is as it should be; with deep discernment of what is right and what is wrong; of clear application of the ultimatePrinciples to life; of forgiveness for wrong-doing, of justice meted out without prejudice, of reconciliation between divergent parties striven after with humble admission of complicity on all sides. Had I my druthers I believe I would choose the second universe. Trusting in myself to be the principal arbiter in my own universe carries with it some sense of incongruity, of appropriated power, of grandiose, illicit posturing.

Yea, verily, the only universe we can travel through is the one we are in. (Probably.) But there is nothing keeping us from achieving what we’ve set out to accomplish in our imaginary journeying through other universe-scenarios; unless we are intent on world domination.  We can change the way we view reality, heal past hurts, correct historical animosities, and live out our days by those ultimatePrinciples that seem to be carved profoundly into our souls. This is not for the faint-of-heart: it will take some effort. Though NOT to pursue such realties is to perpetuate the haphazard laziness of our non-efforts to be wasted persistently in mere self-existence and self-gratifying entertainment. It is the elimination of humanity’s humility, supplanted by our lust for stuff. Gimmie!

Maybe it’s time we recreated the universe to function in-line with those ultimate-Principles; maybe it’s time we learned to work together with people so different from us we could hardly imagine that they actually existed. Like Christians, or engineers, or artists, atheists, or anyone whose life-perspective is so dissimilar from ours that they might as well be from a parallel-universe.

O, did I mention the odd observation that we all inhabit the same, small planet in this vast expanse of space!?! Now why do you think God the Creator did that?


Have a nice week,


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