dyslectic dreams

EmPulse for Week of February 21, 2011

dyslectic dreams

All of us dream. Most dream in black/white. Some dream in color. (I have taste, aroma and altitude sense in mine.) But some of us have dreams that are so vivid that they are hardly discernable from being awake. Among many top businessmen their successes were first envisioned in dreams, then fleshed out in profitable enterprises. In times of war there have been people who can sense an ensuing battle, image it inside their minds, and plot a strategy for a victorious resolution. On the flip side, some people live in their dreams because reality is too threatening, too unmanageable. Dreams can be so much more beautiful, so much safer. They simply drop out of life and live the fantasy.

We live in an era of unrelenting bombardment of both images and information. As a result, our minds have lost some significant ability to distinguish fact from fancy. The interplay runs deep. We think we have done something we have not; we remind our husband/wife of something we are sure we told them earlier. Or did we just imagine ourselves telling them? Our dreams become woven within our realities and form an amalgamated memory, irrespective of their veracity. Thus, we oft get things backwards, upside down, or mashed together. What is actually REAL becomes convoluted in our perception. We see through a glass darkly…. if we are even aware that we should be sorting through the mayhem of multiple meanings at all. Cogito ergo sum. Cogito. (I think therefore I exist. I think.)

The end result of this multiphasic-mental interplay is a loss of what is REAL, and what is IMAGINED. Not only do we get our dreams backwards, we get reality backwards as well. Dyslectic dreams produce dyslectic decisions—we have our life-facts so confused that our decisions about people, projects, and planning are based on truly fallacious assumptions. It is truly a conundrum: we need to dream to stretch the perimeters of our imagination; and we need to remember real-reality as the proper domain of our influence.

So many mental moves come into play when trying to solve problems, provide solutions, repair interpersonal relationships, or build cooperative trust over issues. It is tantamount that we have a clear grasp of who we are, of our present, real responsibilities and commitments, and of our abilities to handle what life throws at us.  Remember we live in community; DEPEND on the insights of others. DO NOT waste time trying to solve a problem for which someone else has already imagined the solution. DO NOT isolate yourself to such a degree that you miss the strength of melding the hearts and minds of others with yours.

Final questions to ruin your day— How many of your dreams have gone unfulfilled? How much time do you spend dreaming about what might be versus making it happen? How can you check your “facts” with others to know if they are real or imagined?

Our lives have a time-frame. Are you within the correct boundaries at this point in your life to make a difference in our world?  OR, are you still daydreaming? And please, get your realities sorted out! Confusing dyslexia with clear thinking is clearly dangerous.

Have a nice week,


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