circadian oscillation

EmPulse for Week of November 29, 2010

circadian oscillation
Daily life-patterns are a facinating thing. We all live by them with little thought. We get up in the morning, head for the coffee, or brush our teeth, or throw cold water on our face. Some of us are in a daze for the first hour: others, up ‘n at ‘em! I had some friends who were circadian opposites. Keith would get up and announce, “Good morning God!” Rusty would follow with “Good god, morning.” Where’s the coffee?

Circadian rhythms (literally, around-the-day, or clock) vary from person to person. Most species on the planet move in response to the celestial dawning of light. Light serves as a trigger to get us moving. Some of us are more productive in early morning (diurnal); others of us don’t click in ‘till noon, or two, or even after dusk (nocturnal).

There are many factors that affect our daily rhythms. The second most influential is circadian oscillation— our biological clock’s responses to changes in our environment, especially seasonal changes. Depression runs rampant in winter seasons when the earth is further from the sun, lessening our exposure to it’s light. Warmer climates require adjustment for snow-lovers, and vise-versa. Spring promises new life and growth. Fall, though vibrant, heralds the coming of winter, along with its psychological, indoor isolation.

Both daily rhythms and seasonal rhythms affect our abilities, internally and externally, to perform at our peak. So when you feel a lack of motivation, no interest in life, and a general lack in energy, it could be a factor of circadian oscillation. (It could also be a chemical spiral into depression. Get it checked out!) The same oscillations can wreck havoc with our spiritual lives as well. Feeling far from God? It could be seasonal. Of course, it could also mean that you are the one who has distanced him/herself from God. The point is that none of us are truly, level, unruffled, steady, consistent people. Life is full of little surprises that throw us off-kilter. One of my governing axioms has been, in mathematical terms— Constants aren’t: variables won’t. Meaning, things don’t always work the way they’re supposed to.

The point is that ultimately we are not in charge. To be sure, there are many things in life which fall under our control, but not all. And that is the way it should be. We are part of something so much bigger, much grander than ourselves. So being a team player becomes a critical imperative. Forming relationships with those who hold different skill-sets than yours, and being able to hear the criticism of others, is tantamount. When your spirit is down, find someone whose spirit is UP! You need them NOW. Do Not forget to reciprocate!

Our Creator designed us all differently, partly to reflect His multi-faceted personality, partly to force us to form meaningful relationships with one another (and, as a corollary, with Him). We are all truly part of something greater than ourselves—the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Get used to it. Learn to trust one another, to depend upon one another, even to depend on the God who made you.

Have a nice week.


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