EmPulse for Week of August 23, 2010


Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 – 1972), usually referred to as M. C. Escher , interpreted ideas of multi-dimensional planes where objects refused to remain on their own plane and leapt to another, defying the laws of aspect and perception. He challenged the rules of perspective and the viewpoint of the observer by skewing the eye’s ability to follow a line to the vanishing point beyond the horizon.

Not incongruously, this happens to most of us when we try to make sense of what lies before us in many areas of life. There are more variables than constants, more uncertainties than givens, more unpredictable scenarios than sureties. Our perspective can become skewed, distorted, out-of-true; no longer able to interpret reality accurately, we oft make decisions and form commitments based on erroneous information or blurry perspective; and things go very, very, very badly.

Accurate perception, perspective, must consider a wide variety of factors to grasp realities correctly. Do I have enough data? Do I have the right data? What might be missing? How does my observation of the data effect its interpretation? What is the relationship between my vantage-point and what I am examining? What are my unconscious assumptions, conclusions, prejudices? Also, there is the factor of personality resonance and chaffing, not to mention personal differences in perspective and interpretation. In business and family matters personal emotions must also be considered; fiery tempers & passive-aggressives are a lethal combination in any circle. Long-term resentments and seething animosities lie just below the surface of seemingly cordial familial partnerships. Careful!

Nonetheless, gaining precise perspectives on relationships, business decisions, future plans, etc. is critical for anyone trying to make an impact on our present-day world situation. Whether you are 13 years old, delivering newspapers, 23 years old working at your first job in an investment brokerage, or 45 years old trying to change the ethos of a company known for its questionable business practices, having the correct perspective on what you are endeavoring to accomplish is essential if you intend to make a difference in today’s convoluted society. Here is a list of ideas on gaining an accurate perspective:

1.       Listen carefully to others—especially to those who disagree with your assessment.

2.       Assume a position of humility; you’ll learn more.

3.       Research, research, research.

4.       Find historical precedent, whether in relationships or business. “Those who do not learn from history… .”

5.       Be honest with yourself about your short-comings. Find people who can countermand them.

6.       Ask God for guidance. [Actually wait for it to come.]

7.       After all is said & done, you have to trust your gut.

8.       Make a decision that matters.

9.       If you get it wrong, you’ve eliminated a variable. Try again.

10.   Always update your perspective to stay current with changing relationships, cultural & economic conditions.

Now go back to the drawing boards and get it right! Make what you do matter! Make a difference!  [Or, try a Tesseract cube to relax- ]

Have a nice week.


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