no dark in day

EmPulse for Week of July 19, 2010

no dark in day

There is no dark in day

In the world of work…, and play

For clear is light, with eyes bright

We are not captive to night, to sadness, to a heart wrenched dry

We need not surrender to the empty void within, nor without

For our soul was forged from tougher stuff, tempered gold, alloyed metal—

Strength of spirit, confident in conflict, assured of our bearing

We are no weaklings, thrashing under plan and program

Scurrying to meet deadlines that to others matter

Rather, we know meaning, purpose, cause, and triumph

In the daily crunch of life, yes, but in so much more

We find…

A reason to live, to be alive, nere dead inside, nor to any in need


To celebrate, to give, to bless, to care

To serve and be of consequence; to honor— God, friends, family, and faith

Faith that this world may never become any better than it is

But, with God’s grace, and strength, and mercy, and forgiveness—

We will

There is no dark in day

Have a nice week.


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