truth serum

EmPulse for Week of June 14, 2010

truth serum

Sodium thiopental, better known as Sodium Pentothal, is a rapid-onset short-acting barbiturate general anesthetic. Sodium thiopental is a depressant and is sometimes used during interrogations – not to cause pain (in fact, it may have just the opposite effect), but to weaken the resolve of the subject and make him more compliant to pressure.” (

Do you ever wish you could simply administer a truth serum to everybody around you!?! Think of it—no cover-ups, no deceit, no more lies, no shaded truth, no hypocrisy, no more pleasantries & nice smiles concealing hidden animosities. Truth serum…, O the possibilities! People have trouble with the truth, and the Truth. We don’t like to hear it about ourselves, we don’t like to tell other people about their truths. It’s easier to avoid the truth, or the other people, or just to not face it altogether. We even prefer half-truth to the to the whole truth. [Thus the admonition is a Court of Law.]

The truth is hard to face. Live with it. It can hurt to hear it; it’s just as hard to speak truthfully to a friend. Live with it. But we need the truth (and the Truth): truth is the bearer of trust, of camaraderie; it is the basis of international alliances and clear communication. Truth is the keystone of relationships, the foundation for forgiveness, the essence of any business partnership that is to be productive over any given time. Truth is the key ingredient in Trust that can never be slighted; for if trust is betrayed, the “truth” can no longer be known.

So why is it so many of us find it so hard to tell the Truth!?! Where do children learn lying? Why do teens go silent and young couples hide things from one another? How can there be so many interpretations of “the Truth?” What is the TRUTH about God? Could the Biblical statements about origins, the purposes of life, and humanity’s brokenness in need of some serious salvation possibly be true? Then, closer to home, why do so many genuine followers of Christ find it so very difficult to tell other people the Truth about the God who made us!?! In a society where even a pale memory of genuine Christianity is down to around 7% of the population, where people have all but chucked any religious faith for their own designer-religion (transcendental golf meditation to improve one’s karma and balance the chi), why is it that true Christians have not endeavored all the more to express their faith in ways that today’s normal people can comprehend and embrace!?!

Actually, there is a simple, naïve answer. It’s just too much work. It’s just easier to go through an abbreviated summary of Truth, boiling it down to four propositional statements, lifted from life’s context, and to let the other guy reject or accept them…, so be it, whatever way it may be. We’ve done our job!

In the real world, though, Truth (truth) is always blended with three other ingredients—, a god-reflective life, interpersonal relationships, and the inner workings of the Holy Spirit of God. Life—because talk is cheap. Truth not reflected in godly living is no more than pretense. Relationships—because Truth does not exist for its own sake, but for ours: we need to know it. And the inner, mysterious, work of the Holy Spirit of God—how does anyone comprehend the wondrous work that God does in the human heart to draw the whole person to faith, forgiveness, and freedom!?! Repentance becomes that one small step at the beginning of a quite magical journey! Truth serum indeed… . It’s been around for eternity! Be about it!

I’ll take the first dose.

Have a nice week.


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