mediocrity for dummies

mediocrity for dummies

What a great string of books! Computers for Dummies. Democracy for Dummies. Electronics for Dummies. Relationships for Dummies. George Bush for Dummies. The Bible for Dummies. Alimony for Dummies. Thermo-Nuclear War for Dummies. Mandarin for Dummies. There simply is no end to the intellectual vastness that these (mostly) quite helpful books can cover.

I’d like to see them assault one more area of dumbness— mediocrity. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to realize that striving for the mediocre doesn’t take a great deal of effort. Although, staying there does. Seriously. Some men and women are satisfied to work an eight hour day, come home, watch TV, get up the next morning and do the same thing all over again. On the weekends they play with their expensive toys (flat-panel TVs, jet-skiis, jeeps, snow mobiles, boats, planes, etc); and then back to the same routine on Monday. After 15-20 years they wake up to discover that they are really bored with everything. They realize that buying more just won’t cut it this time. Maybe their marriage is stable (not exciting, but lasting), maybe not. Maybe they’ve been through numerous relationships; nothing satisfies. They’ve got more stuff than they know what to do with…, and they’re bored with it all. Truly, they have striven for “the dream” and, instead, have arrived at mediocrity.

They’ve wanted it ALL, and have settled for stuff, or not enough stuff…, yet, or a job that they could do in their sleep, or a marriage that has about as much zing to it at last week’s lettuce. Mediocrity.

If that’s all life is about then, seriously, why bother!?! If all you want is stuff, then, eventually, you’ll probably have it; and you’ll want even more. If its excitement you want, there are plenty of ways to pump the adrenalin after the scary movie scene doesn’t do it for you anymore: motor racing, rock-climbing, speed-skating, lugging, bungee-jumping (nah, forget the rope), sky-diving… from 80,000’.

Mediocrity, like personal pleasure and happiness, is the natural byproduct of a life centered upon itself. Genuine fulfillment in life, a life richly lived, is the byproduct of a life focused on making a difference, on counting, on contributing to the needs of the world and blocking the spread of evil. Nothing done to make a difference, to count, is insignificant, mediocre; it always matters.

For the past 15 years I’ve grabbed onto a tag-line for my life that I want to stick. Allow me to suggest it for your reflection— “Honor God, honor people…, make a difference.” ‘Nough said.

Have a nice week.


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