EmPulse for Week of November 23, 2009


Thanx. Def. “a recently discovered branch of theropods (all bipodal) of the genus Saurischia [species- Dinosaurian], who veered away from their carnivorous ancestors to cultivate a more balanced diet of cheeses, celery, and, occasionally, Voles (Arvicolinae), which were significantly more abundant & larger than their present-day offspring. Thanx of the early Phanerozoic Eon were known to incorporate an nascent form of chocolate (from the cocoa plant) with the latter part of their daily diet.”

Thanx approached extinction as early human civilizations migrated from the Mesopotamian Valley, east, through Asia, and west, toward the Eurasian peninsula. The Far East (China) retained discernable evidence of extant Thanx well into the Christian Era (the Yuanshi era of the Han Dynasty). By the time of the Peoples’ Revolution of 1949-1950, there were no known sightings of Thanx reported to the Western press. Thanx reappeared briefly during the Western Victorian era, but validating their veracity uncovered it to be more of a rouse, a hoax, or merely a societal affectation than any genuine reappearance of the class.

As far as field research and anthropological investigation can determine no Thanx (or very few) have been positively established as genuine indicators of their return to the ecological matrix following the shifts from the post-modern era, and, now, well into, the postChristian eras. This loss has been grievous, though little noted among historical scholars, academicians, the media, nor governmental agencies. Neither society nor the environment have noted the decline in their respective, overall health due to the lack of the exercise of Thanx.

A few environmental scientists, joined, nor surprisingly, by a goodly number of refined philosophers and orthodox religious individuals, are working toward a common goal of recreating the Thanx line through DNA research, with an eye toward the regeneration of the class, and its consequent introduction into the present rubric of society, whatever shape that society might be. You are subsequently invited, by the reading this historical abstract, to join with us in resurrecting the practice of Thanx into our daily lives. It should be such a simple gesture, given all that God has bestowed upon us—mother, father, brother, sister, friends, children, work, shelter, food, faith in God, the love of God, His forgiveness and salvation, freedom to cry…, or to rejoice, the resolution of death…, the hope of the resurrection to come. And, of course, Turkey!

Give thanx.

Have a nice week.


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