EmPulse for Week of November 9, 2009


It was one of exquisite wine goblets, a piece of artwork, really; with a tall, thin stem, holding the finest of globes that made even the finest of wines taste even finer. Its ping rang true to the ear, and resonated to a soothing, restful finish. There two in the set to begin with. Losing the first was dispiriting: watching the other one fall to the floor was more a tragedy that caught the throat and the heart at once.

It is often the finest things in life that are the most fragile—a child’s heart, another’s trust, a rich friendship, a family heirloom, a fine wine goblet. These are the things, when broken, that bring the most pain. There is one more (there are many more), that draws the attention of this writing—the human soul.

The Soul— What is it, exactly? Part of “body, soul, & spirit?” Or is the Soul the simple coupling of Body & Spirit? Theologians have bantered this question around for centuries. Frankly, does it matter that much? The way we use the word today has more to do with personal wounding or a question of the afterlife than anything else. At the very least, on this side of the grave, the human soul can be beaten about, wounded, and hurt very deeply through many assailants, some trusted friends, or family, others, our own emotions and perspectives of life.

The point is, that, if your soul is beaten down enough you become quite fragile, unable to function in daily life without exerting a great deal of energy (read- control) to hold things together. Not unexpectedly, that contributes even more to your fragility, and wears you to the bone. In the end you become terrified of breathing, of living life, not to the fullest, but of living life at all. It is at that point that you are in serious trouble. You need to talk with someone…, quickly.

The human soul is fragile. But the God who made it, made you, is strong. It has always been his design that he would be an integral part of your soul-support, woven into the fabric of every human being. We are not designed to live apart from a deep, rich, casual relationship with the Lord God Creator of the universe. If you do not find yourself in this state, you need to get off your ass and do something about it. Renew, refresh your relationship with the God who made you. If you are at a point in life where you have been beaten about, your soul is weary, and you are not sure you can go on, you need to get some rest. The ensuing holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas) will not do much to rest your spirit.

Refurbish your soul by resting it, now…, and by feeding it. Get some spiritual food, whatever that is for you. I find a warm fire, substantial time in Scripture and a fine glass of wine work quite well.

Have a nice week.


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