If people throw rocks at you…

EmPulse for Week of February 28, 2011
“If people throw rocks at you…, collect them and build something.”
– Jim Garrett, football player, coach, & scout.

There are two kinds of people in this world— those that throw rocks, and those that get hit by them. No, there are two more kinds— those who get hit and go down, and those who pick up the rocks and throw them back. No, that’s not right. There are those that duck, r-e-a-l-l-y well, and those who run r-e-a-l-l-y fast. No, still not right. How about those who walk away from the rocks, and those who stand firm and build something?

When I was young, elementary school, middle school, even high school, I was one who would run away from the rocks. I wouldn’t stand up for what I believed in. Truthfully, I didn’t believe in that much of anything, even though I was a church-goer. Most of my friends were just like me, timid rabbits, hiding in our holes, fearing to pop our heads out. Safer just to stay in.

Why is it that some of us veer away from the rocks that are thrown at us and others stand up and take the hits, boldly? Psychologists will tell you it has to do with personality-type; to some degree that is true. But it seems to be more a matter of fortitude, determination, inner strength and sense of personal-definition. Which brings us to questions like— What defines you (words, actions, achievements, other people, etc.)? What is your source of strength? What feeds your soul? What are you afraid of? What beats you down or defeats you?

Life can throw some really painful rocks at you, can’t it? Some are small, but they still sting. Others are not so small and they bruise our spirits, dishearten our trust in others or in organizations. Some are rather large rocks and they shatter us, breaking bones, careers, marriages, and devoted commitments.
If I may, I encourage you, not to run away, rather, to try to build upon the rocks that fly your way, no matter the size. What’s the saying? No pain…, no gain. One of the best ways to push past the pain is to learn from it. Then make something out of it. Not a trebuchet (catapult), to hurl rocks back at your enemies, but rather lay the foundations for bridges to your enemy. You may find in doing so that you no longer have enemies, but friends.

Feigning a pleasant façade that the rocks do not touch you will not last long. So start building a solid inner foundation before the rocks take aim. Make sure that your foundation is grounded on matter that is truly stable, solid, unchanging. Say, establishing a strong bond with the God who made you, the true Rock. It has amazed me how Jesus Christ has actually become my shield and my foundation, in my own personal skirmishes.

And, please, do not use the rocks thrown at you to build walls. That just will not do.
Have a nice week,

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